Alternative Contemporary Art Studio

Committed to promote contemporary arts in Cebu City, through the initiative of its parochial vicar, Fr. Jason K. Dy, SJ, the Sacred Heart Parish turned its parish garage into an alternative art studio last November 2009 with its first art project In Loving Memory: Bottled Memories of Our Beloved Dead, a collaborative and creative attempt to celebrate the feast of All Souls Day and All Saints Day.

True to its commitment in promoting contemporary arts, the space seeks to provide artists with an alternative art studio where they can propose art projects, as individuals or as a group, which explore fresh concepts of art making, innovative employment of new art media, and critical exchange with the public. Proposals are awarded depending on their merits of the submitted project proposals.

As a parish-based studio, the space also provides an avenue for both artists and parishioners to explore the spiritual and the religious in the temporal and secular spheres of life through workshops and talks on art and religion as well as faith and beauty. In these activities, the space becomes a potent venue for personal contemplation and public communion.

As a non-commercial gallery and a non-profit studio, it solely depends on the generous support of art patrons and institutions as well as the valuable assistance of Sacred Heart Parish.